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Iraq, Iran; al Qaeda, Bush

For those trying to pay attention:

Saddam Hussain = Sunni

al Qaeda = Sunni

Saudi Arabia = Sunni

Iraqis who've killed the most US troops = Sunni

Iraqis who have been kinda sorta on our side = Shiite

Iraqis who have come out ahead, sorta, after the fall of Saddam = Shiite

Country that's happy their old enemy Saddam got hung = Iran

Iran = Shiite

New enemy in the next war = Iran?!?

It's all so confusing. Read about the many more twisted details in the latest Seymour Hersch New Yorker blockbuster. Is it hinting that a war with Iran would be a way for Bush to correct a seriously fucked-up fuck-up?

After the revolution of 1979 brought a religious government to power, the United States broke with Iran and cultivated closer relations with the leaders of Sunni Arab states such as Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. That calculation became more complex after the September 11th attacks, especially with regard to the Saudis. Al Qaeda is Sunni, and many of its operatives came from extremist religious circles inside Saudi Arabia. Before the invasion of Iraq, in 2003, Administration officials, influenced by neoconservative ideologues, assumed that a Shiite government there could provide a pro-American balance to Sunni extremists, since Iraq’s Shiite majority had been oppressed under Saddam Hussein. They ignored warnings from the intelligence community about the ties between Iraqi Shiite leaders and Iran, where some had lived in exile for years. Now, to the distress of the White House, Iran has forged a close relationship with the Shiite-dominated government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.


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I'm Alive

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For All You Mother Truckers Out There: Dave Dudley

Go see part one of the Dave Dudley story on WFMU.


The Bollywood Clip of the Year, So Far

Go here and watch it.


Like A Candle In The Wind

Anna Nicole Smith, an icon of the 21st century, our most important news subject ever, is still dead.


Is Bush an Idiot?

This is interesting, depressing... Way back around August I posted a clip on YouTube from Scarborough Country asking "Is Bush an Idiot?" I thought it worthy of note that someone in the media was asking a question I wondered about since early in the 2000 primaries.

The clip got some attention, some comments. The comments died down, and I forgot about it. Then, just after the State of the Union in January, the clip gets a deluge of comments. First a wave of people saying "yes" to the question. Then a hearty sprinkling of people defending their "Commander in Chief." It's ugly. YouTube comments are not a fitting forum for debate, since it seems 90% of the commenters are 13.

I dunno... it's why the current events posting has dwindled here. It's depressing. It seems like many now realize that we, as a country, just shot ourselves in the foot. And as we hop around, wounded, humiliated and in pain, some think it's still an issue for debate.

Sorry, debate is over. The hippie liberals were right. Bush, Cheney, etc. need to be jailed. The damage needs to be repaired. And if you feel you need to keep defending Bush, you're the one who's an idiot.


It was 1975, and whole families were bustin' each other's balls.


WIDR's Internets Tubes

Looky here. Now you can spy on what WIDR, including Your Radio Friend, Bat Guano, has been playing. Scroll down to see my typings. Now my mistakes -- it wasn't Green on Red, it was Gun Club, idiot -- forever imprinted in cyberspace. See the s*cr*t m*ss*g*s. See how The Doctor got a wag of her finger from our program director.

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