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Rita Scats

If you weren't there, you missed the magic, the mystery. At the Leppotone Karaoke Overdrive 8 Saturday night, Rita scatted this Beatles classic.

More videos here -- one more of Rita wailing on "Summertime," and two others of guys rumored to be WIDR disk jockeys.


Message to Newt: This is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Bitch.

I've been lax on my expression of outrage on this page lately. But just because the Demmycrats won back a chunk of the federal government doesn't mean we are safe from insane, idiotic, despotic jackoffs like Newt Goddamned Gingrich, who said at a "freedom of speech" dinner that we need to put limits on that freedom to save us from the bad people. There are others who can say it better than me.
Go to Russia or Tehran if you hate freedom this much. I have had it with Republicans who hate America, who hate our freedoms, who hate what this country stands for, and who think that the only way to save our freedoms from the terrorists is for us to destroy those freedoms first. Honestly, how do these scaredy-cat, quaking-in-their-boots, America-haters even dare call themselves patriotic Americans? They are terrified of their own shadow, these Republicans.


"I really never thought this country could be run for a significant period of time by a president who seems captive of dingbat conspiracy theories and the strategic complexity of a children's bedtime story."

Before Borat

Coyle and Sharpe were before Borat.

Somebody please buy me this for Xmas.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Join hands and bow heads as we give our Thanksgiving Prayer, with our notReverend William S. Burroughs:


Mark Mothersbaugh, Weird American

So your classmates get gunned down in a college protest. Shot dead, blood spilled on campus, thanks to the US government. What do you do, form yet another hippie band in response, or something more de-evolved? DEVO co-founder on Weird America.

Why the reoccurring obsession with DEVO? It's simple. We're all DEVO. And we get more so every day.



Trent Lott is now Minority Whip...

"...because if there's one thing that Trent Lott likes, it's whipping minorities."

This Best But Obvious Joke on the Web for Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2006, has been brought to you by SwaG!, which stole it from Atrios, who stole it from some Farker.

DEVO Concert 1978

Thanks to hitwitstuff, we have most of a 1978 concert of DEVO in their glory days. We think of the Spuds as a robotic, unhuman band. But here they prove that they are robots barely in control, and/or devolved humans from the future warning of major malfunctions, in the midst of a Big Mac Attack...

We post all this because we can, and because it is our duty to the future.

Too Much Paranoias:

Uncontrollable Urge:


Jocko Homo:

Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA:

Gut Feeing:

Come Back Jonee


Ramones, Houston, 1978:

From hitwitstuff YouTubes. Take a look at the DEVO he's got as well.

DEVO, France, 1978:


New Wave and You

Part II



Throw in the towels, bitches.


The Beat, The Beat, The Rubadebedap...


Today is a good day. Let's dance.


Did You Vote Yet?

Many Heads Will Ache When Tomorrow Starts To Break...


Vote. And Don't Be A Sucker


Let's Show The World

...that Americans can figure out, eventually, that our president needs a smack-down.

As Americablog notes, it's surprising when you agree with Pat Buchanan's The American Conservative magazine.

There may be little Americans can do to atone for this presidency, which will stain our country’s reputation for a long time. But the process of recovering our good name must begin somewhere, and the logical place is in the voting booth this Nov. 7. If we are fortunate, we can produce a result that is seen—in Washington, in Peoria, and in world capitals from Prague to Kuala Lumpur—as a repudiation of George W. Bush and the war of aggression he launched against Iraq....

Time to start taking the steps in the long journey to cleaning up the mess. Vote Tuesday.