Radio Friend,
Bat Guano.

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Bat Guano Heralds the Long Emergency

“Green Slime was about the greatest hour of radio ever tonight.”-- Kap’n Karl of rock combos Fortune and Maltese, The Sinatras and New Real People.

Since he had to, when driving to the studio, dodge flooded streets in a city that never sees such floods, and because of the collapse of America’s financial system, Mr. Guano took on an edge of paranoia in this broadcast. He proclaims that non-voters are “losers” and does a read-back of songs in overly dramatic fashion to James Bond music.

The first hour is a combination of abrasive and weirdly sweet, like pumice stones in pistachio pudding. Green Slime is entertaining with its set of doom and destruction and anger. The last hour starts off with banjo music and works up to KISS and Spike Jones.

Go here to get three hours of recorded broadcast radio.


This SwaG! is Dedicated to the Memory of Jackie Vernon

We almost forgot to post this week’s SwaG! because nothing exciting happened during its broadcast.

Well, that’s not exactly true. A frequent caller to the program, who is often highly intoxicated judging from his slurring, called in an agitated state due to the fact he was listening to SwaG! and watching the Democratic National Convention at the same time. He called to curse incoherently our former president, William Jefferson Clinton, and his notable wife, Mrs. Clinton. He then pledged allegiance to the Weather Underground. We called Homeland Security (two weeks in a row!), and played the Art of Noise’s “A Time for Fear"...

There is a point to all this, maybe. Maybe it has to do with three hours of previously broadcasted radio.