Radio Friend,
Bat Guano.

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Summer Fun, Child Safety and Astronauts With Bat Guano

As Mr. Guano headed for his car to go to the radio station, he saw a childhood drama being played out at the end of his driveway. Not wanting to back over the children who refused to stop throwing crap at a little teddy bear they’d thrown into his tree, Mr. Guano decided to resolve the situation by climbing a wobbly ladder placed in the middle of the street and waving a huge heavy board in the air as the children scampered below (plus one other child on rollerblades waving two sharpened sticks around for balance)... Mr. Guano has this all recorded as part of the three-hour MP3 SwaG! action here.


A Day With Guano

Two WIDR listeners got the chance to spend a day -- two hours in Guano time -- with Bat Guano for last week’s SwaG!. They got to say “hello” to their friends in Radio Land! They got to pick the music played on SwaG!! They made Mr. Guano die a little inside by making him play Bread!

They also had him play groovy music as well. Listen to the first two hours to hear the hijinx! Listen to the last hour to hear the usual crap Mr. Guano plays on every other SwaG!.

Maybe you would like to spend time with Mr. Guano...

Go see what the hell this is all about, and listen to three hours of Midwestern non-commercial freeform unprofessional radio.


Deviled Eggs and Ham

Another SwaG! radio program download...

Bat Guano doesn’t seem to notice that SwaG! can be an uncomfortable mix of the artsy, the stupid, and the dark and evil.

Last week’s SwaG! broadcast, in the gooey center of Green Slime, had a heart of noir based around a track from the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and one from Gallon Drunk, a band that tried hard to be a more-rockin’ Bad Seeds. Then some guy wanted to hear Terminal Cheesecake., the British Butthole Surfers. Mr Guano had no TC, so he included BS in the mix, then went for dark ‘80s weirdness of Sonic Youth and Bongwater. And then the primitive Old Time Relijun. Captain Beefheart. Cheap Trick. Dictators. Ramones. Dogbowl. And jazz...

Continue here, where Mr. Guano talks to The Devil, and we finally give you the linx to the actual sound of the actual radio program.


SwaG! Broadcast at the Beginning of the End-Times

Apologies for the lateness of the posting of the SwaG! broadcast of July 2, 2008. The power had been out. Because of the storm. The lightning. The winds. The floods.

Bat Guano gathered recordings in his private collection in the dim light that filtered through the devastation. The sound of the tinkling water flooding the basement caused him to pause.

“I should stay here to protect my home and my woman!” he declared.

“No! Your listeners, your station, your town need you!” his woman responded. “Go! And do your duty!”

Click here for the exciting conclusion and three hours of radio that may almost be as exciting.