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No Reservations

Anthony Bourdain got out of Beirut. Was shooting "No Reservations" episode on how the city was becoming the hotspot of the Middle East once again. Then saw it get blown up. Watched citizens of other countries evacuated as the US State Department advised that stranded Americans look up a web site.
What is clear -- as far as we're concerned -- from all sources is that there is no official, announced plan. No real advice, or information, or public exit strategy or timetable. The news clip of President Bush, chawing open-mouthed on a buttered roll, then grabbing at another while Tony Blair tries to get him to focus on Lebanon -- plays over and over on the TV, crushing our spirits and dampening all hope with every glassy-eyed mouthful. He seems intent on enjoying his food; Lebanon a tiny, annoying blip on an otherwise blank screen. I can't tell you how depressing that innocuous bit of footage is to watch. That one, innocent, momentary preoccupation with a roll has a devastating effect on us that is out of all proportion. We're looking for signs. And this, sadly, is all we have.

And every day we hear worse. Cellphone towers, power stations, land lines are being targeted, says Mr. Wolfe. And we're frankly terrified of the seemingly imminent moment when we can no longer stay in touch with the outside world, make or receive calls to the States -- or more important, be notified by the embassy (should that ever happen). They've run out of bread and food in downtown stores.

And yet, at the hotel, still safe and fed and liquored up in Bizarro World, we sit by the pool and watch the war. And wait, impotently -- shamefacedly. As the hotel empties again -- and only a few of us are left. Expectations fade and then die. Just bitterness and a sense of disgust remain. What to expect anymore? One hopes only for the little things: that they'll fire up the pizza oven today. That they'll open the bar early. That we might just maybe get an English language newspaper or magazine -- or even a French one.


Bill Clinton: Gay!

Forget about that N'Stink guy, the big news is this bombshell dropped by our good friend, Ann Coulter.

Okay, she's just another dumbass Republihole desperately trying to grasp at anything to distract people from Bush's awful bloody mess. No news here. But what's amusing is how the host Donny Deutsch messes with her and gets her to elaborate on this theory.


Bush Is...

... the agent of an extraterrestrial race, sent to Earth to soften us up for invasion.

Do you have a better explanation for this?

From 2002 until this year, NASA’s mission statement, prominently featured in its budget and planning documents, read: “To understand and protect our home planet; to explore the universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers ... as only NASA can.”

In early February, the statement was quietly altered, with the phrase “to understand and protect our home planet” deleted....


Clump of Cells worth > Middle East Civilian

Like shooting fish in a barrel? Or women and children in a marketplace? It's so damn obvious even a toddler (not shot dead, preferably) can understand the moral logic.

If you go to church, or know conservative friends of Jesus, bring this up often.

The Independent goes for the obvious, as well.

This week, George Bush used his presidential veto to block a bill on stem cell research, saying he couldn't support the 'taking of innocent human life'. In Iraq, six civilians are killed by a US air strike, while casualties in Lebanon and Israel mount. George Bush (and Tony Blair) oppose UN calls for an immediate ceasefire



Our President, George W. Bush, is signing his first veto today, making sure that lil' tiny tiny clumps of cells aren't "murdered" so millions of living people can live improved lives, and/or be saved from injury and disease.

Here's a clear statement about that. I would like my statement to take the form of this following video:

You Make Me Dizzy Miz Lizard

A Flying Lizard video that you haven't seen, of a song that is not "Money" nor "Summertime Blues."

Found on Sharpeworld, a site that is chock full of the best non-stupid U-Tube videos. Hey, it's run by Coyle and Sharpe's daughter!

Oh, and Bush is still a rotten motherfucker, worse than a million Nixons.


I'm So Fucking Happy!

Why, with all that's going on in the world, has this "blog" gone from griping about news events to posting silly YouTube videos of old music? (It is more in line with the idea of SwaG! the Radio Show, of course.) I dunno... Who needs silly ol' boring depressing horrific panic-inducing news anyway?

Found this on the ol' Linkdump.

Dear Germany, World,

We are so sorry. Bush ist eine sheisskopf.



It depends on your definition of "we".



Monks documentary!

Here's the deal on the Monks' site.


Santo Gold

You might wonder, what is Santo Gold? Can I buy Santo Gold? Can I see the movie "Blood Circus"? Was the creator of the film judged to be insane, with the use of the film as evidence, in his mail fraud trial? Find out how Santo Gold can change your life!



In tribute to America, here is this:

Our culture has been the inspiration of the world!


Jim Henson's Head

1974, with music by Raymond Scott. Live puppetry creating a mouth and eyes over freaky video. More on this here.


Happy Canada Day!

One of the best countries of North America!