Radio Friend,
Bat Guano.

You can now listen! To Bat Guano's SwaG! every Wednesday, 9 p.m. Eastern, or the rest of WIDR's programing at any time, on the WORLD WIDE WEBS once again! Go to WIDR and follow the instructions.


Holy Crap, It's WIDR Week!

It's WIDR Week! Give WIDR money. You want us to wither and die, the only bright spot on Kalamazoo's radio dial? I didn't think so.

Tune in Wednesday night as your radio friend, Bat Guano, croaks out his plea for donations, dies on air due to viral illness. Go to WIDR Dance Party Friday night at the Kraftbrau to see the Bat Guano Zombie resurrected to play the new wave hits along with a gang of other WIDR DJs.


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