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Is Bush an Idiot?

This is interesting, depressing... Way back around August I posted a clip on YouTube from Scarborough Country asking "Is Bush an Idiot?" I thought it worthy of note that someone in the media was asking a question I wondered about since early in the 2000 primaries.

The clip got some attention, some comments. The comments died down, and I forgot about it. Then, just after the State of the Union in January, the clip gets a deluge of comments. First a wave of people saying "yes" to the question. Then a hearty sprinkling of people defending their "Commander in Chief." It's ugly. YouTube comments are not a fitting forum for debate, since it seems 90% of the commenters are 13.

I dunno... it's why the current events posting has dwindled here. It's depressing. It seems like many now realize that we, as a country, just shot ourselves in the foot. And as we hop around, wounded, humiliated and in pain, some think it's still an issue for debate.

Sorry, debate is over. The hippie liberals were right. Bush, Cheney, etc. need to be jailed. The damage needs to be repaired. And if you feel you need to keep defending Bush, you're the one who's an idiot.


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