Radio Friend,
Bat Guano.

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Bat Guano Doesn't Like People

Early Wednesday evening someone called the radio program and asked to hang out in the studio.

Bat Guano told them no. He doesn’t like people in the studio. He doesn’t like being around people much at all. You can tell he has a hard time with basic human interaction, from listening to the first hour. He begins SwaG! as a children’s show starting with the disturbing “Uncle Pockets” by Danny Kaye, about a creepy old man who tricks children into grabbing for “toys” in his trousers. He plays more music for “children,” but the first hour devolves until he’s got some blasphemous German -- Reverend Beat-Man -- croaking about the “Jesus Christ Twist.” We’re very surprised that he didn’t play any Gary Glitter...

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The Penetrators, "Shopping Bag"

One of the greatest videos ever made. Our culture would be vastly different if MTV hadn't have rejected it.

The Penetrators formed in the mid-70s, got on the New Wave/Punk Rock train, and became the Kings of Basement Rock.

I just got a large chubby when I found that they have reunited, and will be doing a rare show in my town, Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 20, part of the UFO Dictator 4.


SwaG! Pays Tribute to the Olympics

To pay tribute to the Olympics Bat Guano went into a jingoistic rant at the start of Green Slime. Then Sparks’ “Beat the Clock” begins what one might assume to be songs keeping to the theme of competition. It’s followed by Buckner and Garcia’s “Do the Donkey Kong,” about the sport of jumping pixelated barrels. Then the Barbarellatones’ “Corn Huskin’ Man,” about the sport of jacking off. Guano segues into a song about corn on the cob, and takes the gold in lack-of-focus. He manages to fit in both Perez Prado and the Butthole Surfers in the set. Such a feat hasn’t been seen since Mark Spitz teamed with the Palestinians to take Hitler hostage at the infamous 1936 Munich games.

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The perfect ad.


Fun In The Fundus With You!

Bat Guano seemed to be out to annoy people with this week’s SwaG!. From The Reverend Fred Lane to Negativland -- just awful sounds.

Why doesn't he just play good music? Like, he plays Negativland’s “Piece a Pie” from No Business. It goes on forever, and always -- always! -- makes some poor person call. “Is this about over?” they say, a mixture of pleading and anger in their voice....

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Cowboy Time

At the heart of this week’s SwaG! is the heart of a cowboy, riding on the range, free in his assless chaps.

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