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It's about the music, man.

Man. I keep falling into the habit of posting on politics, even though I can't really add anything to the national debate other than a string of obscenities. Do you really need me to tell you that Barbara Bush is a stupid fucking cow? (Just began reading David Rakoff's "Don't Get Too Comfortable," his essay on becoming an American called our beloved First Lady of First Bush exactly that.)

So, anyway. Installed a pretend radio station above the Google ad bar. Press play, you'll hear some of SwaG!'s overplayed hits, plus some things I put in there on a whim. You know you can hear the real SwaG! on WIDR Wednesdays at 9 pm Eastern.


Tell it like it is.

Traitors, liars, incompetent fuckups. I keep thinking "Manchurian Candidate," but Bush and Chaney got nowhere near any Communist forces in order to get brainwashed.


"Mistakes Were Made"

"Mistakes were made." It was the great rebirth of the passive voice so beloved by English teachers everywhere. Mistakes were made, but no named human being made them. Perhaps they made themselves. We acknowledge the existence of mistakes but have no knowledge of how they got there.

Dubya had a '70s flashback today. I knew I'd heard that phrase before.


They Are Listening

Again, here's more news about the government spying on your privates, with no oversight. FBI is abusing the few weak guidelines in the Patriot Act that's to keep them from going all-out Big Brother.

So... watch this:


A Herb Alpert Break

You know you needed it.



I wondered why Wonkette kept calling him Walnuts!. He's running for President!