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Message to Newt: This is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, Bitch.

I've been lax on my expression of outrage on this page lately. But just because the Demmycrats won back a chunk of the federal government doesn't mean we are safe from insane, idiotic, despotic jackoffs like Newt Goddamned Gingrich, who said at a "freedom of speech" dinner that we need to put limits on that freedom to save us from the bad people. There are others who can say it better than me.
Go to Russia or Tehran if you hate freedom this much. I have had it with Republicans who hate America, who hate our freedoms, who hate what this country stands for, and who think that the only way to save our freedoms from the terrorists is for us to destroy those freedoms first. Honestly, how do these scaredy-cat, quaking-in-their-boots, America-haters even dare call themselves patriotic Americans? They are terrified of their own shadow, these Republicans.


At 10:39 AM, Blogger Lex10 said...

It has really just boiled down to the party of reasonably congenial folks who want America to succeed versus the mean hater party that wants to strangle freedom for me.


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