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Bat Guano.

You can now listen! To Bat Guano's SwaG! every Wednesday, 9 p.m. Eastern, or the rest of WIDR's programing at any time, on the WORLD WIDE WEBS once again! Go to WIDR and follow the instructions.


SwaG PODcastS!

And now, SwaG!, brought to you through the infotechnological paradigm of the Internets!

WIDR is now broadcasting over the internets tubes, but what if you're not able to get to a computer on the exact time SwaG! is on? Fret no more. Below you can download or listen to an episode whenever you want, as long as it is the episode from April 23, 2008. Maybe more episodes will be recorded, it can happen.

Links and descriptions from the SwaG! website:

SwaG! Hour One: Here Mr. Guano starts off in a good mood, it having been a warm spring day. Hey kids, new Man Man, he teased, but then threw in some New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra. Then things got all gleeful loony tunes with Dogbowl. Frank Zappa swings things toward sardonic progressive rock, as Bat has a flash back to that dream where his ol' lady told him to get a job at a gas station. Then the Sparks song about dicking-around, which has nothing to do with penises, so it's FCC safe. Then some new band trying to sound like Queen or some such shit, and the new Dirtbombs. And some island hopping with Philippine lounge music, and tropical stuff. And, of course, punk rock.

SwaG! Hour Two: Otherwise known as Green Slime. In the "program within the program" Mr. Guano plays "The Most Unwanted Song," but refuses to say when he'll play it. The unwanted song is bookended by rare album cuts of Mason Williams, Can, Stereo Total, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Mo Tucker, Couch Flambeau, DEVO, Negativland, horrible cheezy '70s production music, and a mix of live Osmonds and live Paul Stanley of KISS doing his intros. The Osmonds are doing "Feelin' Allright" and Stanley is yelling, "ALLRIGHT! LISTEN! I WANT TO KNOW IF ANY OF YOU OUT THERE LIKE TO GET HIGH! LOTTA YOU PEOPLE TONIGHT GET ALL HHHHAAAIIIIIIGGGHHHH?!?" And that was the moment when Mr. Guano was pissing his pants, because he forgot the cardinal rule: What amuses him might not amuse the listener. But that shit really amuses him.

SwaG! Hour Three: The last hour of SwaG!, where Mr. Guano kills time. We open with the legendary "Squant" edition of the Crosley Bendix radio show from the Universal Media Netweb, then a bunch of hyper old punk rock, that evolves into cinematic music, Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, and Coyle and Sharpe spreading the gospel of "Threeism." And Fred Lane. And a manly song about walking the world like a man. You gotta crack a smile to walk the world like a man. You got to stop a while and shake the hands of a man. And some punky glammy Elton Motello. And Bat Guano's famous closing remarks.


At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quayana, Bat (that's Yup'ik for "thank you, Bat") for bringing SwaG back into the 21st century with your podcasts. I do my best to catch the show in "real time," but the internet out here is so crummy that it must rebuffer every three seconds and makes it really hard to sing along to. Having it downloadable makes it that much easier

Alaska is a better place with a little SwaG. Now it can sound a bit like home even though it's over 3,000 miles away.

Keep the shows coming! Can't get enough!

Thanks again,
Mark - Newtok, AK


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