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"Tokyo Rose" RIP

“Greetings everybody! This is your Number One Enemy, your favorite playmate, Orphan Ann on Radio Tokyo—the little sunbeam whose throat you’d like to cut! Get ready again for a vicious assault on your morale, 75 minutes of music and news for our friends—I mean, our enemies!—in the South Pacific.” —Iva Toguri as “Orphan Ann” on a simulated Zero Hour program staged for American newsreels, 20 September 1945.

She broadcast to allied forces in the Pacific, forced by the Japanese to assault US morale. It's obvious she was winking at her fellow Americans the whole time.

The story of "Orphan Ann", who was labeled "Tokyo Rose."

WMUF on Iva Ikuko Toguri. And here are whole broadcasts in realaudio.


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