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Electric Swamp

Quintron and Miss Pussycat's double disk Swamp Tech/Electric Swamp features the most amazing puppet film ever. It is the Star Wars/Godfather of puppet film.

The Electric Swamp DVD is a tale of Cinnamon the Alligator who investigates the mystery of the Formosan termites who destroy New Orleans. It's full of NOLA in-jokes and references (including the puppet of Ernie K-Doe, who's been dead for about five years now -- Q and P hung out with Ernie and wife Annette (she's also a puppet here, and supplies her own voice) before he died), but the spooky thing is the theme of destruction. Cinnamon tells us, "Mother Nature is on a wild escapade!" It was finished before Katrina.

At the end, the city is saved and Annette says, "Mother Nature can be Mother Nature again, without destroying our favorite places."


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