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Poke the Wound

Yesterday was Poke the Wound day, and what a day it was! I was so busy poking the wound that I forgot the traditional "Never Forget" post. People probably thought I forgot.

Wound-poking has been going gangbusters, since the wound has been left open, and steps taken to see that it never actually heals. The guy who is responsible for the wound is still free. We are kept in fear of getting more wounds. We got many more wound-makers thanks to a war that Our President said just last night we started just because a tin-pot dictator could have been a threat to our un-wounded portions.

Here are some pictures of Our President, First Lady and Decorative Marine laying a wreath in a temporary reflecting pool hastily set up in the center of the wound. (You wouldn't want him to just throw it in the dirt, would you?)

Here's some guy talking:


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