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You've Got Nothing to Hide, Right?

And you have utmost confidence that a huge system that scans for patterns and keywords, filters interesting results to human eyes and ears, won't become a big screw-up or be abused? And you are confident that this system doesn't need judicial or legislative oversight? And that it's needed because it's catching terrorists who want to kill us?

Well, it hasn't caught any terrorists. And it turns up less than 10 suspected individuals a year that have enough real "probable cause" wafting off of them that the government can get real warrants for legitimate old-fashioined wire taps -- only 10? Maybe Bush should lean on these NSA people, nab more for intensive spying. How embarrassing can it be to have this huge system turning up nothing -- like the effort to find proof of WMDs in Iraq, maybe they should start looking for the results they want, in spite of the facts they're finding...

Anyway, here's the latest summary. Including the news that Bush and Gonzales are liars.


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