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You can now listen! To Bat Guano's SwaG! every Wednesday, 9 p.m. Eastern, or the rest of WIDR's programing at any time, on the WORLD WIDE WEBS once again! Go to WIDR and follow the instructions.


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Got this email from someone in the bowels of the WMU computer brain:
Hi Guano,

Caught the show tonight, I too was bummed about the stream being down, the computer club is being moved... again... Over break our current office area was being cleaned for asbestos and the maintenance people turned off the power which took down the stream server. Actually, it should have been okay, the server is on a battery backup, but the backup audibly and angrily alerts all around about it's unhappiness with being disconnected, so they turned that off too...

Anyhow, I dig the show, hopefully we won't have any problems with the stream when we move to the new location.

The stream was working, it may be down again, but keep checking. is where you go to listen live. I'll get last night's show up soon in the usual place.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I am soo happy these are up on the web, as I tend to have meetings Wed nights and miss Swag...


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