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Quintron and Miss Pussycat Alive

They made it, but the Spellcaster is now the underwater dance club.
i don't know what the fuck is happening.....this is biblical and it is breaking my heart to see New Orleans burnt, flooded, neglected, ethnically cleansed, and basically shoved underwater to drown........but we can breath underwater.  Cajun Atlantis has just begun to emerge and the moment those fuckers let us back in the gates, we are going straight to the gun store and then to the boat bar for all the free drinks we can drink.  Thank you all for everything........WE LOVE YOU!...............sincerely, Mr.Q and all of Rhinestone Records

And here's the story on all the many New Orleans musicians who made it. No word about any who didn't.

I'm just trying to picture big overweight Dr. John hobbling around on his cane in the Superdome.


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