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Clarence Frogman Henry Alive And Kicking Ass

You heard the Frogman last week on SwaG!, and heard your host fumble around trying to determine if he had lived through the hurricaine, or if he might've passed away long before the hurricaine.

Found out at the end of the show that he is alive, and was to play at a NYC Katrina benefit concert. He did so, and kicked ass.

Before long, Lenny Kravitz and Elvis Costello took turns underwhelming each other. Luckily, Clarence "Frogman" Henry saved the day, and showed that a performer forty years past his prime is still better than a Costello or a Kravitz any Tuesday. Frogman stunned the Garden with a stellar Ain't Got No Home, complete with little girl and frog stylings. He segued into his I Gotta Go schtick, and down in N'awlins that act can last fifty-five minutes. With the off-camera hook lurking, Frogman's I Gotta Go routine was infused with a fresh sense of urgency.


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