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The Bullshit That Hurts America

It's one thing to hear simplistic bullshit coming from people who still STILL!!! think Bush is doing a dandy job. But to hear it coming from a Bush administration official who seems to believe the simplistic bullshit, that's just goddamned scary.

First of all, Karen Hughes needs to know that "under God" appears nowhere in the US constitution, and .... oh, why bother? Is she really helping bin Laden make more terrorists by telling the Middle East what good, Christian people we are? Probably. Would our bitching convince her that she should change tactics? Probably not. Because she's an idiot, babbling away as she helps undermine her own president's goals by talking the party line about how the US is a Christian nation, bringing good Christian freedom to the world. Her job is to make the Islamic peoples like us, and this is how she's doing it.


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