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Not Good

Thought that New Orleans was going to be messed-up but fine yesterday. But it's not over. Water -- fouled with gas, oil, sewage and fire ants (fucking "balls" of fire ants) -- is still rising. Looting. Area under martial law. Don't forget likely poisonous snakes and alligators driven out of flooded swamps into the city.

How bad is it? It's bad enough that Bush has cut short his vacation and gone back to Washington. It's a Terri Schiavo-level emergency.

There's one SwaG! fan and friend who was crazy enough to stay down there. Last we heard yesterday afternoon she was fine, her house was fine. Another refugee, maybe two, should be on their way here. Phones, cell phones, of these folks not working. Got some weird text-to-voice message of a robot just saying "OK WILL CALL" last night.

I feel so fucking safe and happy knowing much of the National Guard is in Iraq now protecting our freedom.

Red Cross.


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