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Daily Rove

Calling an evil swine an evil swine:
The crime that ought to be considered this week is not that Rove may have whispered something or other to a few reporters. The crime is that hundreds, if not thousands, of journalists and politicians in this country have over the years cheerily honored this vile, scum-sucking pig of a human being by calling him names like "genius" and "boy wonder" and "wizard"—as though the business of Rove's life was somehow cute, quirky and lovably mischievous.

The truly monstrous thing about this Rove story is that it was not until Rove became a potential criminal defendant that all of those cutesy Will Rogers descriptions of him vanished from print. Until the Plame story really started to heat up in recent weeks, Rove was consistently celebrated by reporters as a kind of political Tom Sawyer, brilliantly suckering the country into painting his white picket fence.

Also, Rove and Libby get purjuration, helped write CIA's public statements during politically dicy times.... "The work done by Mr. Rove and Mr. Libby on the Tenet statement during this intense period has not been previously disclosed."


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